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01 December 2010 @ 04:45 am
Back-up gifters!  
I'm ALMOST done with the comm. spamming, I promise! :)

While I HOPE that all of you are going to be able to produce, I know that sometimes things come up that event he best intentions can't remedy. If, on the off-chance that someone drops out and you'd be willing to provide a back-up gift, PLEASE comment here. You'll only be called upon on an as-needed basis. My hope is that everyone here receives a gift, and that can only happen if there are some people willing to step up if necessary. *bats eyes prettily*

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WeHo M.: FNL - On the edge of greatnessafrocurl on December 1st, 2010 01:23 pm (UTC)
Let me know if I can help, especially since I don't think I'm signing up!
Sarah :)sarah_p on December 3rd, 2010 04:31 am (UTC)
You are, as usual, fabulous--thank you! :)