FNL--Santa Matt for fnl_santa! :)

The end?

Due to lack of interest (which, frankly, might be tied to lack of SHOW), I'm not planning on running the FNL exchange this year. If anyone is interested, though, let me know--should there be some people who want to be involved, I'm more than willing to do the legwork. If not, maybe we'll reconvene here next here, and see if we can jump start things again.

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final gift for meghan_84

title. thrive in thin soil.
characters/pairings. tim riggins, julie taylor; hints of future tim/julie.
warnings. au. future-fic. season four spoilers.
words. 1186.
rating. pg.
summary. tim and julie reconnect years later in boston. set pre-relationship.

Merry belated Christmas meghan_84. :) Apologies that this isn't necessarily a Tim/Julie fic off the bat, but I hope that the undertone of a future relationship will suffice. :) I hope you enjoy it. It was a pleasure being your santa this year. ♥
FNL--Matt smile.

Gift update!

I hope everyone's enjoying the new year so far. Happy 2011, guys! :)

This is an update as to where things stand with people who have not yet received gifts. ANYONE who hasn't gotten a gift should be on this list (and if I made a mistake, holler). I have actually heard from EVERYONE regarding their gift status (I guess that's the advantage of a smaller scale exchange!), so...the last gifts will be on their way soon!

People whose santas are working on their gifts, which will be slightly late:

raiindust (Your Santa has requested another extenstion...TBC again!)

People who have a fantabulous back-up gifter working on their request:

None yet!

People whose Santas I'm waiting to hear from:

NONE! :)

That's it! Let me know if you have any questions. :)
FNL--Santa Matt for fnl_santa! :)

Brief mod postiness!

Hello, all! :)

The gifting has been fast and furious around here, and I've really enjoyed seeing what everyone's come up with. It's FANTABULOUS. This message is geared towards anyone who will NOT have their gift posted by the deadline of January 1st, so if you're not in that boat, there's no need to keep reading :).

If you will be unable to post a gift by January 1st, and you have NOT ALREADY CONTACTED ME ABOUT IT:

PLEASE, E-mail me by tomorrow at fnl [.] santa [@] gmail.com. I need to know whether A.) you're going to be able to complete your gift, but it'll just be a little late, or B.) you are unable to complete your gift, and I need to assign a back-up gifter. This is really, really important, and if I don't hear from you first--well, expect an E-mail from me ;).

On January 2nd, I'll post a list of people whose santas have contacted me about being late, just to reassure people that they haven't been forgotten. The goal will obviously be to have all of the gifts in as soon as possible, whether it be from the original santas, or from back-up gifters.

So, keep those gifts coming! And please, remember to actually go and CLAIM your gift. Santas work really hard to make the holidays happy, so take a second to check the community tags or memories and see if you've missed anything posted for you.

That's about it. As always, please let me know if you have any questions.

Team Grief

Fina Gift for Bambiscott

Giftee: Bambi Scott
Title: You Push, Pull, And Struggle With The Knot
Pairing: Matt/Julie & friendshippy Tulie
Rating: T
Spoilers: N/A
Word Count:
Matt doesn’t like the friendship that blooms between Tim and Julie while he’s living with the Taylors.
Matt/Julie & Tim/Julie friendship
You Push, Pull, And Struggle With The Knot
Thanks to my lovely and talented bets fleurlb. Okay I’m a diehard Tulie shipper and this my first time writing in Matt’s POV so please bare with me. I own nothing.

Collapse )
FNL--Santa Matt for fnl_santa! :)

Guidelines for posting final gifts:

HOLY COW, you guys, it's the 23rd already! WHERE DID THE MONTH GO??

This is all important info, so please, take a minute to read it all!

The main Santa reveal starts on December 24th, and (officially) runs through January 1st. DO NOT POST YOUR FINAL GIFT BEFORE THIS. For real, yo ;). Obviously, there's a little leeway on the end date. If you know you're going to be a little late with your gift, it's no big deal. Just, please, let me know before I start scouring the list for back-up gifters. A few days after the 1st, I *will* start recruiting back-up gifters for those requests that were not filled. At that point, I'll post a master list, and everyone can ooh and aah over who had who. Or my mad organization skills. Or both. Whichever ;).

As for the actual reveal:

As of the 24th, there are no more teaser gifts (Awwww!). You should make a new post for your gift (but try to include all parts of it in one post, for the sake of convenience). To appease my mad organization skills, it would help if you clearly marked a "final gift for whoever" in the subject line. Also, it makes finding your own gift super easy! For you extra suck-ups, if you tag the post with the recipient's username and the "2010 gifts" tag, I might just make out with you. Maybe ;).

Okay, I would totally do that anyway. WHATEVER ;).

Fics should be placed under cut-texts, with clear headers indicating rating, pairing, and, most important, some type of spoiler warning.

Large graphics should be placed under cut-texts. Icons are fine, but if you post more than four, please cut-tag the rest of them.

Any videos, fanmixes, or other media should be uploaded to a server (your own, yousendit, whatever). Put the link to the gift in your post, and you're set.

Other gifts, like an LJ-layout, website layout, or anything else, is up to your discretion. You can post what the final product will look like, or make arrangements to exchange the code, or whatever will work for the gifter and the giftee.

If you will not have internet access during the final gift posting window:

Send me your gift at fnl.santa [@] gmail.com. Please include your username, as well as your recipient's. Give me any posting instructions you may have (post this on the 26th, use red font, etc.), as well as any note you may want to include. I'll post the gift, and reveal your identity on your behalf.

That's it, I think. If there are any other questions feel free, as always, to contact me at fnl.santa [@] gmail.com, or reply to this post. If you KNOW now that you will be unable to fulfill your gifting assignment, please let me know AS SOON AS POSSIBLE so I can make the proper arrangements. But, really, try to get your gifts done. It's more fun that way.

You guys have made this so fun so far, and we haven't even made it to the end! Just think of all the love that's going to be flowing around here once Sunday hits. I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE THE PRETTY! :)

Happy holidays, whatever you may celebrate, to all of you. Thanks for being a part of fnl_santa this year.

Much love,
SARAH (sarah_p)

Cookie Monster loves cookies! OMFG!  :)

Teaser gifts!

Just a few notes if you plan on making any:

If you're sending graphics, you can send them either as an attachment, or just send me the link. I upload all of them to a different account, so it doesn't matter if they're on your server--you recipient won't see that. If you could include the recipient's name somewhere in the filename, it would help, but if you can't, no worries.

As for fic, I'd prefer it if you could send it in a text file. If it's going to need any LJ-formatting--a cut, bold, italics, whatever--it'd help me immensely if you included that in the file.

For anything not fic or graphic related, like a video, or fanmix, or whatever, upload it to a service (such as www.yousendit.com) and send the link along.

I hope this helps! I know posting each teaser gift in a separate post is kind of spammy for the FL, but I think it makes it easier for people to track down their own gift. I'm trying to keep it to one posting period a day, so at least you can just skim through all of the entries at once. Also, we have TAGS. They make things much happier! :)

You can send everything (including questions for your recipient) to fnl.santa@gmail.com.

Also, a while back in one of my other santa communities, rejeneration made a really helpful guide to basic HTML, so if you neeed any help coding your fic, you should check it out! This is information that's universally helpful, so take a look if you have some questions!

DA--Alec hee! :)

Back-up gifters!

I'm ALMOST done with the comm. spamming, I promise! :)

While I HOPE that all of you are going to be able to produce, I know that sometimes things come up that event he best intentions can't remedy. If, on the off-chance that someone drops out and you'd be willing to provide a back-up gift, PLEASE comment here. You'll only be called upon on an as-needed basis. My hope is that everyone here receives a gift, and that can only happen if there are some people willing to step up if necessary. *bats eyes prettily*